The selection of writings by and about Stojowski reprinted here includes documents presenting composer-pianist Zygmunt (Sigismond) Stojowski (1870-1946) as a performer, concert promoter, and Polish patriot. The documents come from the Stojowski collection at the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, from the personal collection of Henry Stojowski, the composer’s son, and from the manuscript holdings of the Polish Music Center at USC. The selection includes: [1] a 1911 humorous poem by Arthur G. Burgoyne, written by the Pittsburgh music critic on the occasion of a joint performance by two musicians with last names ending on “ski” (discovered and edited by Joseph A. Herter); [2] an edition of Stojowski’s lectures to young pianists, based on his courses at the Juilliard School of Music and published in Keyboard magazine for music teachers in 1940 (from the PIASA archives); [3] Stojowski’s speech about Polish music and the role of music in life, on the occasion of a fund-raising dinner for the Polish Music Festival held in the spring of 1944 at Carnegie Hall in New York (a copy donated to the PMC by Henry Stojowski).

  1. Arthur G. Burgoyne: Stokowski and Stojowski (A Poem, 1911)
  2. Zygmunt Stojowski: The Evolution of Style and Interpretation in Piano Literature (1940)
  3. Zygmunt Stojowski: Music and Life: An Address (1944)