PMC Staff

Marek Zebrowski

Marek Żebrowski – pianist, composer and author
PMC Program Director and Curator (2004-)

Krysta Close – singer and cultural diplomat
PMC Assistant Director, Librarian and Newsletter Editor (2003-)

Tomasz Fechner – classical guitarist and scholar
Archive Specialist (2023 -)

Student Assistants and Volunteers (ongoing)

Kevin Allen – B.Mus Classical Vocal Arts and Opera,
Musical Theater Minor (2024)

Sonia Matheus – M.Mus Oboe Performance (2022),
G.C Oboe Performance (2024)

“… As I was preparing for [my] recital, the [PMC’s] detailed information on different Polish dances was a tremendous help! Furthermore, while I did find other websites attempting to provide similar information, I felt that they weren’t as detailed and properly done as PMC’s website. I was especially grateful that PMC took the time to inform and guide us to other available sources, allowing us the opportunity for further research. I sincerely appreciate PMC’s efforts in putting together such a wonderful website!”

Jane, Doctoral candidate, USC Thornton School of Music (April 2017)

Previous staff members

  • Wanda Wilk, Founder and Honorary Director (1985-2009)
  • Dr. Maja Trochimczyk, Stefan & Wanda Wilk Director (1996-2004)
  • Dr. Linda Schubert, Editor, PMJ and PMHS book series (1998-2004)
  • Dr. Daniel Kaminski, Assistant Manager (2005-2010)

PMC Founding Benefactors

  • Dr. Stefan & Wanda Wilk
  • Witold Lutosławski
  • Drs. Zbigniew & Zofia Petrovich
  • Dr. Helena Nowicka
  • Dr. & Mrs. Clark Halstead
  • Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Harris
  • Lottie Harasimowicz