CRACOVIA – Polish Folkloric Ensemble, Eindhoven, Holland. Information about history, repertoire, contacts, links, Polish folklore, with photos, anecdotes, listings of vacancies, etc.
GÓRALE – Polish Folk Dancers, Yorba Linda, California (associated with the Polish National Alliance, Lodge 3193. Brief information about performances, events and repertoire, contacts, links.
HEJNAL – Polish American Dancers of Long Island, NY. History, programs, people involved with the group. Site maintained by Daniel Golebiewski.
KALINA – Folk Group of the Culture and Tradition Society of the Polish-French community in Nord-Pas de Calais, France. In English, French, Polish. Information about history, repertoire, major events, leaders of the group; contact info and links.
KRAKOWIAK – Polish Dancers of Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1937. Information about the purpose of the group, history, youth ensemble, adult group, kapela, director, 1999 program and schedule, with an extensive site on Polish folklore (image map of Poland, notes on regions and regional traditions).
KRAKUSY – Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Los Angeles, California. Information about dances, costumes, performances, history, and instructors, with photos. Jan Borkowski, president of Board of Directors.
LIRA DANCERS – Official Home Page of the Lira Dancers (part of the Lira Ensemble of Chicago). Information about history, members, repertoire, current programs, pictures, with guest book and links.
ŁOWICZANIE – Polish Folk Dance Ensemble. Krystyna Chciuk / Mary Kay Stuvland, dirs. 26 Whitney St., San Francisco, CA, 94131.
MAZOWSZE – Polish State Folk Dance and Song Ensemble in Otrębusy, Poland. Information about the history, location, founders, repertory, current programs, press reviews, etc.
P.K.M. DANCERS – The Polish Intercollegiate Club of Philadelphia. Brief Information about the history of the club (since 1915) and the group (since 1960). With guest book, contact info, online gift store.
POMORZE – Polish Folkdance Ensemble, Nova Scotia, Canada. Brief overview of the history of the group, with additional links to costumes, traditions, etc.
PULASKI – Polish Dancers of Fresno, California. Bob Kazmier, dir. 3533 North Orchard, Fresno, CA 93726-6748. tel: 209-222-8717.
POLISH AMERICAN FOLK DANCE COMPANY – Founded in 1938 in Brooklyn, New York. Information about history, repertoire, director and members, schedule of events, with photo gallery, contact info, links.
POSTOLEY DANCE ENSEMBLE – In Boulder, Colorado, specializing in Ukrainian and Polish folk dancing. Brief information about the group, events, with rehearsal times, contact info.
SYRENA- Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Information about dances, costumes, history, current programs and events, booking the group, auditions, with picture gallery, links, guest book.
WIELKOPOLSKA – In Canberra, Australia, since 1981.

Other Dance Sites

POLISH FOLK DANCE ASSOCIATION OF THE AMERICAS – Created in 1984, the association brings together over 30 dance groups based in the U.S. and Canada; PFDAA organizes a dance festival, held in 2000 in Milwaukee.
ANDY POLLOCK FOLK-DANCE SYLLABI – a personal page about folk dances from various countries, including an oberek, with detailed description of dance steps, and course information.
THE DANCE GYPSY – Site for dancers, including an electronic listing of performances and other information. Greg Scragg, editor; 2518 Sunset Lake Rd; Dummerston, VT 05301; Tel: (802) 257-4478; Fax: (802) 257-9933; email:
DANCE TUTOR. Polish-American Polka (beginning) is the 12th dance section at, the internet’s most comprehensive video instruction site. Log-in required. For a sample page (with video) go to:
FOLK DANCE ASSOCIATION – U.S.-based site with folk dance listings for the U.S. and Canada, information about dances from the Balkan area, Greece, England, Israel, Scotland, the U.S. (square dance, contra dance), and other countries (but not Poland). With links to essays and sites for each of these cultures, essay on “ethnic vs. folk” dancing.
LAJKONIK COSTUME – Information about the costume and legend of Lajkonik, an element of Polish folklore from Kraków.
POLISH FOLK RESOURCES – Online listings, with hot links.
ZAKOPANE – International Festival of Highland Folklore. Site in Polish for 1995 edition of the festival. With contact info.