Krzesimir Dębski

b. 26 October 1953, Wałbrzych


Krzesimir Dębski is not only one the most prominent Polish composers but also a virtuoso violinist, pianist, and a celebrated orchestral conductor. Equally at home in the world of jazz and classical music, Dębski is chiefly known in Poland for his numerous and highly popular film scores. His ever-growing catalogue of orchestral compositions currently includes two symphonies, an opera, ballet music, and eleven concertos for various solo instruments and orchestra. In addition, he is also famous as a songwriter and arranger, and composer of music for theatre.

Krzesimir Dębski studied composition and conducting at the Poznań Academy of Music and since 1980 toured all of Europe and North America as violinist with the celebrated String Connection ensemble. Winner of the First Prize in the International Jazz Competition in Belgium, Dębski was also honored by the Jazz Forum Magazine with the Best Violinist and Best Arranger Prizes. Listed in 1985 as one of the ten best jazz violinists by Down Beat Magazine, Dębski has since curtailed his concert performance activities and concentrated primarily on composition. As Deputy Chairman of the Polish Association of Contemporary Music, Dębski has written music for film, theater, symphony, chamber orchestra and experimental ensembles.A truly versitile composer, Dębski has received First Prize at the 25th Anniversary Spring Festival of Music, has garnered 8 platinum albums, won a Fryderyk (the Polish equivalent of a Grammy Award), and was presented with the International Film Music Academy’s coveted “Philip” prize by the legendary film composer, Ennio Morricone.

Dębski has scored over seventy feature films, and numerous TV productions. Among his more recent feature film credits are Ogniem i Mieczem [With Fire and Sword], W pustyni i w puszczy [In Desert and Wilderness], and Stara baśń [An Old Tale]. He also has scored hundreds of episodes of popular Polish TV series, including KlanZłotopolscy, Ranczo, and Na dobre i na złe [For Good and Ill]. Dębski’s most recent film-scoring project in the United States included writing new soundtracks for the early short and medium length films of Charlie Chaplin.

In recent years Krzesimir Dębski received a number of commissions for large-scale orchestral works from outstanding soloists and major symphony orchestras in Poland and abroad. He has shared the stage with such internationally acclaimed artists as John Blake, Jose Carreras, The Canadian Brass, Jose Cura, Nigel Kennedy, Adam Makowicz, Ewa Malas-Godlewska, Mark O’Connor, Jean-Luc Ponty, and Vadim Repin. Also in great demand as conductor and performer, his recent foreign tours included performances in Mexico, India, Brazil, and the United States.

Selected Compositions

Orchestral Music

Quandtophonie for cello and symphony orchestra (2009)
Dos Lid Far Jidisze Fidl for violin and string orchestra (2009)
Stories for Double Bass and Orchestra (2009)
Koncert jazzowy na skrzypce i orkiestrę [Jazz concerto for violino and symphony orchestra] (2008)
Koncert na trzy klarnety i orkiestrę [Concerto for 3 clarinets and symphony orchestra] (2007)
Autumnity for symphony orchestra (2007)
Q O Concerto for string quartet and symphony orchestra (2005)
Solemn Concerto for trumpet, organ and symphony orchestra (2005)
New Romantic Expectations concerto for violin and string orchestra (2004)
Quasi una fantasia concerto for violin and string orchestra (2004)
Concerto for Cello and symphony orchestra (2004)
Trojak Jubileuszowy for symphony orchestra (2003)
Sounds from Serengeti concerto for violin, oboe and string orchestra (2002)
Musica Dominicana for brass orchestra (2001)
W góry idziemy po życie concerto for alphorn and orchestra (2001)
Landscape concerto for clarinet and symphony orchestra (2000)
Notturno concerto for violin, viola and symphony orchestra (2000)
Taniec huculski concerto for clarinet and symphony orchestra (2000)
Opel Fantasy for symphony orchestra (1999)
Double Concerto for violin, viola and symphony orchestra (1999)
Concerto for Violin No. 2 (1998)
Concerto for Flute (1998)
Concerto for Clarinet and string orchestra (1998)
Pieśń Heleny [Helena’s Song] for violin and symphony orchestra (1997)
London in Cracow for symphony orchestra (1997)
Concerto per Flauto dolce and string orchestra (1997)
Tempi Concertati for string orchestra (1996)
Zyclus for symphony orchestra (1996)
Concerto per Corno for horn and orchestra(1995)
Bulgarian Country for symphony orchestra (1995)
Preludium – Interludium – Postludium for string orchestra(1995)
Country in E for symphony orchestra (1994)
Sinfonietta for symphony orchestra (1993)
Toccata for symphony orchestra (1993)
Moment Musical for symphony orchestra (1992)
Sentimental Deja Vu for string orchestra (1992)
Concerto for Piano and symphony orchestra (1991)
Concerto for Violin No. 1 (1990)
Solo, Duo, Trio e Orchestra – concerto for violin, cello, piano and orchestra (1990)
Three Forms for symphony orchestra (1990)
Synchromie – Dance Fantasy for symphony orchestra (1990)
Passacaglia – Improvisazioni for symphony orchestra (1990)
Impromptu for violin, cello, piano and orchestra (1990)
Musica per Archi for string orchestra (1985), 11′, Published: PWM
Cantabile in h for flute, clarinet and string orchestra (1980)
Cantabile in h for string orchestra (1980)
Fantazja concerto for organ and orchestra (1978)

Vocal-Orchestral Works

Ecclesiasticus 30 for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2009)
Cosmopolis for mixed choir and orchestra (2008)
Oratorium Kres Kresów for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2008)
Psalm I for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2007) music written to the poem by Czeslaw Milosz (1911-2004)
Ave Maria for voice and symphony orchestra (2006) music written to the poem by Jakub Bart Cisinsky (1856-1909)
Formy for voice and symphony orchestra (2006) music written to the poem by Jakub Bart Cisinsky (1856-1909)
Symphony No. 2 Ver Redit for soprano solo, baritone solo, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2003)
Taniec Sudecki for symphony orchestra and mixed choir (2003)
Kujawiak Pomorski for symphony orchestra and mixed choir (2003)
Symphony No. 1 Nihil Homine Mirabilius for mezzo soprano solo, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2002)
Misterium for soprano solo; 2 speakers, mixed choir and orchestra (2000)
Pieśń Heleny [Helena’s Song] for soprano solo and symphony orchestra (1997)
Muzyka do wierszy Wisławy Szymborskiej for soprano, tenor, female choir and orchestra (1997)
Poemat o mieście Lublinie oratorio for soprano, tenor, reciter, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1996)
Kantata o św. Zygmuncie for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1995)
Pie Jesu Domine oratorio for soprano solo, tenor solo, choir and orchestra (1988)

Vocal-Chamber or Vocal Solo Works

Lux Eterna 3 songs for mixed choir  (In Te domine Speravi; O Nata Lux; Agnus Dei) (2007)
Hubbell Songs for soprano solo and piano (2004)
Pieśń Heleny [Helen’s Song] for soprano solo and piano (1997) from the film With Sword and Fire
Oda do młodosci [Ode to Youth] for 6 male singers (1996)
Biografioly for 6 male singers (1993)
Laudate Dominum for boys choir (1992)
Laudate Dominum for female choir, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and organ (1990)
Psalmodia for mixed choir (1989)
Missa Brevis for boys choir, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and organ (1988)
Missa Puerorum for boys choir, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, organ, batterie and archi (1988)

Chamber Works

Landscape variations for clarinet and piano (2000)
Motet for tape (1986)
Quasi Waltz for 6 violins (1984)
String Quartet (1984)
Na klarnet, wibrafon i harfe [For clarinet, vibraphone and harp] (1984)
Backerfield Quintet for brass quintet (1981)
Cantabile in h for violin and piano(1980)

Film scores

Terrarium, dir. Andrzej Titkow (1980)
Medium, dir. Jacek Koprowicz (1985)
Potrzask, dir. Jozef Malocha (1986)
Cudowne Dziecko [Young Magician], dir. Waldemar Dziki (1986)
Kingsajz, dir. Juliusz Machulski (1987)
Opowieść Harleya, dir. Wiesław Helak (1987)
Alchemik, dir. Jacek Koprowicz (1988)
Złodziej, dir. Wiesław Helak (1988)
Déjà vu, dir.Juliusz Machulski (1989)
Mów mi Rockefeller [Call me Rockefeller], dir. Waldemar Szarek (1989)
VIP, dir. Juliusz Machulski (1991)
Szwadron, dir. Juliusz Machulski (1992)
Żegnaj Rockefeller [Goodbye Rockefeller], dir. Waldemar Szarek (1993)
Człowiek z [The man from…], dir. Konrad Szolajski (1993)
Koloss, dir. Witold Leszczyński (1993)
Motyw Cienia [The Hollow Man], dir. F. Yorick, J. Key (1993)
Oczy niebieskie [Blue Eyes], dir. Waldemar Szarek (1993)
Autoportret z Kochanka, dir. Radosław Piwowarski (1996)
Matka Swojej Matki, dir. Robert Gliński (1996)
Ciemna Strona Venus, dir. Radosław Piwowarski (1997)
Kochaj i Rób Co Chcesz [Love and Do as You Please], dir. Robert Gliński (1997)
Prostytutki, dir. Eugeniusz Priviezencew (1997)
Sto Minut Wakacji [100 Minutes of Vacation], dir. Andrzej Maleszka (1998)
Ogniem i Mieczem [With Fire and Sword], dir. Jerzy Hoffman (1999)
Sokaliar Tomas [Tomas the Falconer], dir. Vaclav Vorlinek (2000)
W pustyni i puszczy [In Desert and Wilderness] (film series), dir. Gavin Hood Music (2000)
Pieniądze to nie wszystko [Money Isn’t Everything], dir. Juliusz Machulski (2001)
Stacja [The Station], dir. Piotr Wereśniak (2001)
Tam i z Powrotem [There and Back], dir. Wojciech Wójcik (2001)
Polisz Kicz Projekt, dir. Mariusz Pujszo (2002)
Bez Litości [No Pity], dir. Wojciech Wójcik (2002)
Stara Baśń Kiedy Słońce Było Bogiem [An Old Tale], dir. Jerzy Hoffman (2003)
Charlie Chaplin Shorts 1915-1918 (2005)
Ranczo Wilkowyje, dir. Wojciech Adamczyk (2007)
Magiczne Drzewo, dir. Andrzej Maleszka (2007)
Kop Głębiej, dir. Konrad Szołajski (2011)
1920 Bitwa Warszawska [The Battle of Warsaw], dir. Jerzy Hoffman (2011)
Pokaż Kotku co Masz w Środku, dir. Sławomir Kryński (2011)
Katabasis, dir. Temi Lopez (2011)
Sztos 2, dir. Olaf Lubaszenko (2012)

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