26 July 1922, Poznań — 17 Feburary 2015, Poznań


Andrzej Koszewski, composer, musicologist, music publicist and educator completed his music studies in several areas: music theory (1948) and composition (1953) under Stefan B. Poradowski at the State College of Music in Poznań, post-graduate music studies under Tadeusz Szeligowski at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw, and musicology under Adolf Chybiński at the Poznań University (1950). Since 1957 Koszewski has been teaching composition at Poznań Music Academy, where he became a tenured professor in 1978.

His best-known composition, Muzyka fa-re-mi-do-si for chorus, is a complex score written for the sesquicentenary of the birth of Chopin, from whose name its basic motif is derived. In general, Koszewski’s music is unpretentious in his early works, which are derived from Polish folksongs, as in the Taniec Wielkopolski for small orchestra (1951) and the many choral pieces.

Andrzej Koszewski’s compositions, especially his choral works, have been performed and recorded in numerous European, Asian and American countries during several international festivals and competitions. The composer has received a number of artistic awards, among them the Award of the Minister of Culture and Art (1967, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1982 and 1988) especially for his compositions for children and young performers, as well as the Award of the City of Poznań and Poznań Voivodeship (1968). Koszewski was also a laureate of the 1986 Prize of the Polish Composers’ Union, the 2003 Jerzy Kurczewski Award and a Golden Statue awarded by the Hipolit Cegielski Society in 2008.

Koszewski’s research focused on history, music theory and ethnomusicology. Besides Frederic Chopin and music by 19th century Polish composers, Koszewski also focused on contemporary music and piano improvisation. He is the first Polish author of a textbook for improvisation, Materiały do nauki improwizacji fortepianowej, published by the Poznań Music Academy in 1968. His works are published by Brevis Publishers in Poznań.

Selected Compositions

Concerto grosso (Suite in an Old Style) for string orchestra (1947)
Capriccio for piano (1947)
Trio for violin, cello and piano (1950)
Taniec wielkopolski for small orchestra (1951)
Kantata sielska for mixed choir and small orchestra (1951)
Mazowianka for mixed choir (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. I] for three female voices (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. II] for women’s choir (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. III] for mixed choir (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. IV] for high voice and mixed choir (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. V] for high voice and piano (1952)
Kołysanka [ver. VI] for three female voices and piano (1952)
Suita kaszubska for mixed choir (1952)
Scena taneczna for piano (1953)
Wokaliza na temat chorału J.S. Bacha for high voice and piano (1953)
Allegro symfoniczne for large orchestra (1953)
Sonata breve for piano (1954)
Sinfonietta for orchestra (1956)
Muzyka fa-re-mi-do-si for mixed choir (1960)
Intermezzo for piano (1962)
Pięć dawnych tańców for piano (1963)
Uwertura kujawska for orchestra (1963)
La espero for two mixed choirs (1963)
Zdrowaś, królewno wyborna [ver. I] for mixed choir (1963)
Zdrowaś, królewno wyborna [ver. II] for men’s choir (1963)
Zdrowaś, królewno wyborna [ver. III] for women’s choir (1963)
Tryptyk wielkopolski [ver. I] for mixed choir (1963)
Tryptyk wielkopolski [ver. II] for mixed choir and orchestra (1964)
Nicolao Copernico dedicatum for three mixed choirs (1966)
Spotkanie w Szczecinie for mixed choir 1968)
Gry [ver. I] Children’s Suite for mixed choir (1968)
Gry [ver. II] Children’s Suite for girls’ or boys’ choir (1968)
Makowe ziarenka 14 miniatures for narrator and piano (or solo piano) (1969)
Brewiarz miłości for baritone and instrumental ensemble (1969)
Kantylena for female or boys’ choir (1969)
Wczoraj była niedziołeczka for female or boys’ choir (1969)
Mała suita nadwarciańska for mixed choir (1969)
Przystroje: 7 wielkopolskich melodii ludowych for piano (1970)
Ba-No-Sche-Ro per coro misto (1972)
Da fischiare, 3 etudes for whistling ensemble (1973)
Canzone e danza [ver. I] for female or boys’ choir (1974)
Canzone e danza [ver. II] for men’s choir (1974)
Canzone e danza [ver. III] for mixed choir (1974)
Prologus for mixed choir (1975)
Sonatina I for piano (1978)
Sonatina II for piano (1978)
Sonatina III for piano (1978)
Ad musicam for orchestra of voices (1979)
Kanony wokalne for 2-3 solo voices (or choirs) (1979-2003)
Campana for mixed choir (1980)
Angelus Domini for mixed choir (1981)
Sententia for two mixed choirs (1982)
In memoriam for two mixed choirs (1982)
Pax hominibus for two mixed choirs (1982)
Zaklęcia for children’s or women’s choir (1983)
Trzy miniatury dziecięce for mixed choir (1983)
Suita lubuska for girls’ or boys’ choir (1983)
Polni muzykanci for women’s choir (1983)
Deszcz for women’s choir (1983)
Cantemus omnes for mixed choir (1984)
Campana for men’s choir (1984)
Intrada for women’s choir (1984)
Canta-move for mixed choir (1985)
Flusso-Riflusso for mixed choir (1985)
Ostinato for mixed choir (1986)
Strofy trubadura for mixed choir (1986)
Enigma 575 for women’s choir (1986)
Chaconne I for mixed choir (1987)
Chaconne II for mixed choir (1987)
Chaconne III for mixed choir (1987)
Krople tęczy for children’s or women’s choir (1988)
Płot w zimie children’s or women’s choir (1988)
Trzy tańce polskie [ver. I] for women’s choir (1988-89)
Trzy tańce polskie [ver. II] for mixed choir (1989)
Serioso-Giocoso for mixed choir (1989)
Canti sacri for mixed choir (1989-91)
Trittico di messa for mixed choir (1992)
Carmina sacrata for mixed choir (1994)
Wi-La-Wi for children’s or women’s choir (1994)
Et lux perpetua for mixed choir (1995-96)
O świcie, o zmroku for soprano and piano (1996)
Non sum dignus for mixed choir (1996)
Reflex for string quintet (1996)
Antiquo more for mixed choir (1996)
Płochliwy zając for children’s or women’s choir (1997)
Wszystko z baśni for children’s or women’s choir (1997)
Missa Gaude Mater for mixed choir (1998)
Pater noster for mixed choir (1999)
Crux – lux for mixed choir (2002)
Razem ze słonkiem for solo voice (or women’s choir), piano and percussion (2002)
Unitis viribus for mixed choir (2002-2003)
Ad multos annos for mixed choir (2003)
Spes nostra for mixed choir (2003)
La valse for mixed choir (2004)
Magnificat anima mea Dominum for mixed choir (2004)
Alfabet Guidona for mixed choir (2004)
Magnificat for mixed choir (2004)

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