Chyrzyński Premiere

On 29 July, Marcel Chyrzyński’s latest installment in the Ukiyo-e cycle of compositions will premiere at the 41st edition of the Dni Muzyki Karola Szymanowskiego [Days of Music by Karol Szymanowski] Festival in Zakopane. The concert takes place at the Holy Cross Church in Zakopane, and the program will include additional works by Karol Szymanowski, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, and Edward Elga.

Chyrzyński’s Ukiyo-e No. 4 for Clarinet, French horn, Piano and String Orchestra is his fourth composition in the cycle that pays homage to the aesthetics of the Edo-era Japan. According to the composer, “In the emotional aspects of the cycle, I refer to Japanese aesthetics, where fleetingness, fragility and transience of a given moment are of special importance. A Buddhist attitude towards nature is also present, along the lines of thought that ‘the beauty of the flowers is very dear to us, because we know they will be gone by autumn.’”

On 24 July, the composer will talk about his latest piece in the Gallery at Wnuk’s.

The work was commissioned by the Karol Szymanowski Society in Zakopane and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Collection” funds, administered by the Institute of Music and Dance. It will be performed by the musicians of the Silesian Trio (Joanna Domańska – pf, Roman Widaszek – cl, Tadeusz Tomaszewski – cr) with the accompaniment of the Silesian Chamber Music Orchestra conducted by Robert Kabara.

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