PMC *Website Reboot* Finale

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful donors who made our online *Website Reboot*fundraising campaign such a success! On May 17, we reached our goal of 50 donors, which invoked a special Angel Donor gift of $5,000. By the end of the campaign on May 24, donors from around the world had raised $15,076—well over our $10,000 total monetary goal! We are deeply touched that this campaign has received such widespread support, which serves as a directive for us to do great things with the internet’s primary English-language resource for Polish music information.

Our goal for this reboot can be summed up in one word: dynamism. Our website is usually the first hit in a Google search about anything related to Polish music, but once you land on our site, it is easy to get lost amidst the amount of information available. One user recently likened our site to a static, printed textbook—and unfortunately, the doomed fate of much printed media is all too familiar these days. Our goal is to transform the static into the dynamic, without losing any of the research value of the amazing information within. Whether you are a casual reader, a working musician or a researcher in musicology, we want to add clarity and searchability to your experience, be it on a computer or mobile device, while establishing a more dynamic platform upon which to build our site into the future.

We look forward to launching our new site in the fall!