2017 Paso Pops

On Saturday, July 1, the Paderewski Festival presents Paso Pops, the annual patriotic-themed concert and Independence Day celebration in Paso Robles combining great wine, beer… Read more »

Tansman In Białystok

The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Białystok presented a fascinating concert on June 9, spotlighting major works by Aleksander Tansman. On this occasion the… Read more »

Arena Festival

Piotr Sułkowski will lead the Warmia-Mazury Philharmonic in the first edition of the Arena Festival, which is dedicated to film music. Scheduled for June 30-July… Read more »

New on DUX

Neo Temporis Group Dialog bez granic Jerzy Kornowicz: Ekstrema dla 11 wykonawców; Bohdan Sehin: Talos na kwartet smyczkowy; Maksym Kolomiiets: Supremus na zespół 11 instrumentów;… Read more »