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Ryterband + Eisele family
The widow of composer Roman Ryterband, Clarissa Ryterband (center), with her daughters Astrid Ryterband (left) and Diana Eisele (right), son-in-law Robert Eisele (far left) and granddaugher Marissa Eisele (far right)

Thank you to those who attended our recent concert at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Dedicated to “The Music of Roman Ryterband,” the… Read more »

2017 Paso Pops

On Saturday, July 1, the Paderewski Festival presents Paso Pops, the annual patriotic-themed concert and Independence Day celebration in Paso Robles combining great wine, beer… Read more »

Kropka Competition

The general opinion is that everyone can criticize others. A deeper reflection and careful assessment of the music phenomenon is a rare ability. Yet much… Read more »

Piotr Moss Premiere

On May 24, the University of Music Fryderyk Chopin hosted the world premiere of Piotr Moss‘s new work, Concerto élégiaque for viola and orchestra. The… Read more »

Tansman In Białystok

The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Białystok presented a fascinating concert on June 9, spotlighting major works by Aleksander Tansman. On this occasion the… Read more »

Arena Festival

Piotr Sułkowski will lead the Warmia-Mazury Philharmonic in the first edition of the Arena Festival, which is dedicated to film music. Scheduled for June 30-July… Read more »

New on CD Accord

PĘKIEL, B.: Masses (Wrocław Baroque Ensemble, Kosendiak) Bartłomiej Pękiel: Missa a 14; Canon a 6: Tres Canones Simul Cantatur 1; Missa senza le cerimonie; Canon… Read more »

New on DUX

Neo Temporis Group Dialog bez granic Jerzy Kornowicz: Ekstrema dla 11 wykonawców; Bohdan Sehin: Talos na kwartet smyczkowy; Maksym Kolomiiets: Supremus na zespół 11 instrumentów;… Read more »