PMC @ LAMOTH: Videos Now On YouTube

Ryterband + Eisele family
The widow of composer Roman Ryterband, Clarissa Ryterband (center), with her daughters Astrid Ryterband (left) and Diana Eisele (right), son-in-law Robert Eisele (far left) and granddaugher Marissa Eisele (far right)

Thank you to those who attended our recent concert at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Dedicated to “The Music of Roman Ryterband,” the program was a great success, and was witnessed not only by members of the Ryterband family but also other Holocaust survivors from the city of Łódź. It was a deeply moving and joyful affair!

The concert program was solely comprised of Ryterband’s works—Deux Images [Two Images] for harp solo, Trois Ballades Hebraiques [Three Hebrew Ballades] and Z Polskich Niw [Song of the Plains of Poland] for violin and piano, and Three Hebrew Songs, Two American Songs and Spring of Love – Concerto Waltz for soprano and piano—and was performed by pianist Nic Gerpe, violinist Chandler Yu, soprano Kirsten Ashley Wiest, and harpist Ko Ni Choi.

Videos from these incredible performances are now available online on the PMC’s Youtube channel.

[Photo credit: Krysta Close. Property of the USC Polish Music Center]