Polish Music Publishers [PWM] just came out with a delightful coloring book for children entitled Ignacy Jan i jego plan [Ignacy Jan and how it’s done]. The approach is to awaken the interest of all kinds of young readers (not only those studying piano, for example) in Paderewski’s many talents, accomplishments, and lifelong adventures. Thus, the cover illustration for this publication touches on several of Paderewski’s notable accomplishments:

  • Film reel—to symbolize not only Paderewski’s love of cinema but also to commemorate his role in a feature film, Moonlight Sonata (1937).
  • Wine—to bring attention to the vineyards Paderewski owned in California.
  • Cigar—to highlight of one of Paderewski’s lifelong habits.
  • Piano—to spotlight Paderewski as an excellent pianist as well as an accomplished composer.
  • A Pekinese—to show that Paderewski loved dogs and one such creature, Ping, was his (and his wife’s) close companion.
  • A paper roll—which is really a diplomatic note, to explain Paderewski’s role as a statesman

The book is filled with all kinds of statistics (Paderewski first studied six other instruments—including flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, violin and cello—before he could finally devote himself to the piano) and fun facts (Paderewski was the highest paid musician in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records; he was as popular as the modern-day rock stars; he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame), and much, much more. Each of these biographical entries is accompanied by an illustration that awaits a creative hand with a bunch of coloring pencils. Budding artists are also encouraged to listen to the recording of Paderewski’s beautiful Nocturne, Op. 16 no. 4. Go for it!

This lovely coloring book is available for purchase on:  pwm.com.pl.

[Source: pwm.com.pl]