Poland’s Institute of Music and Dance [IMIT] selected 15 projects for financial support awards under its “Białe plamy—muzyka i taniec” [Blind spots—music and dance] program. During a July 14 videoconference meeting, the jury of experts selected by the Musicology Institute at Poznań Music Academy reviewed 35 submissions and chose the following finalists:

  1. Miłosz Aleksandrowicz for a project about Stanisław Moniuszko’s school for teaching music reading (5000 PLN)
  2. Viktoryia Antonchyk and Natalia Pushina for creating a catalogue of works by Henryk Pachulski (10,000 PLN)
  3. Marek Bebak for preparing a source edition of Lauda Jerusalem a 9 by Telesfor Wikliński (10,000 PLN)
  4. Jarosław Domagała for a project on didactic methods of teaching piano techniques to children and teenagers based on piano music by Henryk Pachulski (10,000 PLN)
  5. Gabriela Gacek for a project on the keyboard works of Józef Borusławski, the most famous dwarf in 18th century Europe (7000 PLN)
  6. Ewa Grochowas for a project on the musical traditions in Polish-German territories of Pomerania (10,000 PLN)
  7. Joanna Gul, Zbigniew Jerzy Przerembski, and Agnieszka Drożdżewska for a database of the oldest musicians in the Region of Kozioł (20,000 PLN)
  8. Wojciech Gurgul for a thematic catalogue and descriptions of extant Polish works for the English guitar (4500 PLN)
  9. Krzysztof Hliniak, Agnieszka Gorczyca and Magdalena Malska for preparing, updating and editing of a biographical dictionary of the history and practice of dance as described by the press in Kraków and Poland (20,000 PLN)
  10. Hanna Raszewska-Kursa for the analysis of Bożena Mamotowicz-Łojek’s archive at the Warsaw Theatre Institute (10,000)
  11. Karol Rzepecki for the creation of catalogue of works of Józef Wieniawski (10,000 PLN)
  12. Anna Stachura-Bogusławska for the analytical sketch of solo, choral, and vocal-instrumental works by Stefan Marian Stoiński (3000 PLN)
  13. Ewelina Szendzielorz for a project on Holy Mary’s worship as demonstrated by examples of the Loreto Litanies and Ave Maris Stella by Carl Julius Adolph Hoffmann (10,000 PLN)
  14. Maria Wilczek-Krupa for a project on the forgotten virtuoso, composer and January Uprising insurrectionist, Emil Łapczyński (10,000 PLN)
  15. Andrzej Wolański for a project on Antonina Miklaszewicz-Campi in commemoration of the bicentennial of her death (10,000 PLN)

[Source: imit.org.pl]