A thought doesn’t cause friction.

A sound doesn’t cause friction

Time doesn’t cause friction.

Speed causes friction.

Stopping causes friction…

Coexistence causes friction!

Three related instruments carry on joint thoughts and sounds. Had they kept to their typical functions, they would have created an ideal texture. Just because they can. However… Friction.

During the last few months, many cultural events successfully transitioned into the digital realm. Music online is not just rebroadcasts—it is also live world premieres. Agata Zubel’s latest composition, Friction for trumpet, trombone, and tuba was first heard live online on July 21 in performance by Ensemble Linea, and the recording of this performance will be virtually archived until the end of 2020. 

Friction was scheduled to be introduced at the Cordes-sur-Ciel Festival in France. Given the existing pandemic and serious health and safety concerns faced in staging live concerts, the organizers had canceled this year’s edition of the Festival and opted for a virtual premiere of Agata Zubel’s latest work. 

The Festival’s director, Danièle Devynck, explained more:

… we wanted to honor the commissioning of the Polish composer, Agata Zubel, who agreed to write a piece during her residence at Cordes. Since Ensemble Linea could not appear in a public concert, their interpretation of the work will be recorded and made accessible online, testifying to what would have been one of this year’s Festival discoveries.

[Source: pwm.com.pl]