A cycle of classical music concerts across Poland—Z klasyką przez Polskę—resumed on July 17 after an extended break caused by the pandemic. This project of Polski Impresariat Muzyczny [Polish Music Agency] is carried out by Poland’s Music and Dance Institute (IMIT) thanks to the support and under the leadership of Prof. Piotr Gliński, Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The goal of this initiative is to present quality programs and leading Polish artists in smaller towns, villages and hamlets, and bring in the public that had the greatest difficulties in experiencing classical music in person. Such exposure to high art and the best performers is aimed at grooming a new crop of classical music enthusiasts.

This cycle of concerts was already launched in the second half of 2019 with a series of 51 events in local cultural centers, firehouses, schools, manor houses and palaces, as well as in churches all over Poland. More than 40 artists were heard by an audience total of about nine thousand. This year’s edition aims at presenting about 60 concerts of chamber music, with special emphasis on works by Polish composers. In addition to the well-established names, the Classics Across Poland program will also introduce younger performers to audiences all over Poland. The upcoming concerts will include performances by Agata Kielar-Długosz , Łukasz Długosz and Marek Toporowski, Książek Piano Duo, Anna Radziejewska, Milena Lange, Paweł Sommer, Marta Gidaszewska, Robert Łaguniak, Janusz Olejniczak, Katarzyna Drogosz, Kwartet Atma, Olga Pasiecznik, Zuzanna Nalewajek, and Dagmara Barna.

Updated information and detailed concert programs are at: muzycznyimpresariat.pl.

[Source: imit.org.pl]