Premiere of “Aisthetikos” by Hanna Kulenty

The world premiere of Hanna Kulenty’s Aisthetikos for soprano saxophone, piano and orchestra took place on 21 February at the Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic.

The title comes from the Greek language, and its meaning pertains to sense perception. In her latest composition, Hanna Kulenty took into account all senses, creating a surreal universe that organizes musical phenomena in time.

Aisthetikos is a one-piece composition, where both parts of the duo—saxophone and piano—lead an almost indissoluble narration against the shadow, literally the shadow of the orchestra. I try to embrace this cosmos with my human senses, where everything is in its time, and I am only transforming this time, slowing or accelerating this cosmic nature.”

– Hanna Kulenty

During the world premiere, the solos were performed by Magdalena and Bartłomiej Duś, and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic under Jacek Rogal. The concert program also included Fidelio Overture by Ludwig van Beethoven and the 94th Symphony in G major “Surprise” by Joseph Haydn.

The work was commissioned by the Świętokrzyska Philharmonic and co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund under the “Composing Commissions” program. The concert was held under the patronage of PWM Edition as part of the project promoting the performance of Polish music.

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