New PMC Website is Live!

The Polish Music Center’s pioneering website has been serving musicians, scholars and the interested public worldwide since 1994. In 2017, we announced our intention to overhaul and update our antiquated web portal with a “Website Reboot” fundraising campaign, which was overwhelmingly supported from all corners of the globe, by small individual donors and large angel donors alike.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for this widespread support with an announcement that our new portal is ready for use! Utilizing a template set forth by the University of Southern California, we are now in compliance with our fellow departments and have added greater navigability for our users, while maintaining our unique voice as an important English-language, scholarly resource for all aspects of Polish music and culture.

Our new website goes live on March 24, 2018—the day of our spring concert—and we ask that you be patient as we continue to work out any kinks. Join us on that day and beyond at:

Please bookmark this new home for all of your Polish music news and information!