Ryterband Collection Continues To Expand

On May 12, 2015, a box containing correspondence from the family of Roman Ryterband was delivered to the PMC. Carefully maintained by Clarissa and Astrid Ryterband, the composer’s widow and daughter, and meticulously organized and delivered by Diana Eisele, his other daughter, these letters represent exchanges between Ryterband and his family and friends from the late 1930s and the 1940s. Given the political situations of the inter-war and World War II periods, this set of detailed letters is of great historical importance. As the collection continues to be cataloged, an analysis of the contents and context of these letters will certainly bear interesting scholarly fruit.

Then on June 9, another installment of documents, scores and other materials related to the Roman Ryterband Collection was delivered by Diana Eisele, including:

  1. Additional letters, articles, testimonials, programs, posters and photos
  2. Moldenhauer Archive (Harvard) printout and related letters
  3. Musical notes for Suite Polonaise and others
  4. Polish history book and partial map from 1800s
  5. 4 CDs and 2 cassette tapes of music and interviews by R. Ryterband
  6. Sheet music and related information for the following works:
    1. Vida Heroica (both orchestral parts and piano reduction)
    2. Heracles and the Argonauts (full orchestral score and arr. for piano and percussion)
    3. Three Nocturnes for piano solo
    4. Triptyque Contemporain for cello and piano
    5. Musical Quiz for piano solo
    6. Castle Münchenwiller suite for flute and violin
    7. Piano Sonata
    8. 24 Variations for piano solo
    9. Song of the Slavonic Plains for violin and piano
    10. 5 German Songs
    11. 2 German Songs
    12. Pater Noster
    13. Suite Polonaise for orchestra
    14. Toccata for harpsichord
    15. Tableaux of Laguna (unfinished ballet)
    16. Suite Internationale for piano solo
    17. 2 Images for harp solo
    18. La corvée du Carnivale (arr. for 2 voices)
    19. a collection of Jewish liturgical music

We gratefully acknowledge the above additions as we continue to grow this treasure trove of an archive! For more information about the Roman Ryterband Collection see the May 2015 Newsletter.