Kolberg On Display

Oskar Kolberg’s artistic, scholarly and editorial achievements are exhibited at the Warsaw Central Agricultural Library until May 27. His interests in Polish and Slavic folk culture, the early years in Przysucha and studies in Warsaw as well as his last years spent in Kraków are depicted on several large-size displays, showing rare and fragile original documents that are not available for public viewing. Co-produced by the Institute of Music and Dance, this exhibit is also on display at the Łowicz Museum through May 19 and can be accessed at: www.muzeum-radom.pl

Another interesting exhibit organized by the Chopin National Institute, links Kolberg and Chopin and can be seen at the Żelazowa Wola manor house, Chopin’s birthplace and now a museum. Running through the end of November 2014, the exhibit presents folk instruments that the young Chopin encountered during his travels around Polish countryside. All exhibited items are accompanied by commentaries and descriptions of folk customs taken directly from Oskar Kolberg’s writings.

.[Source: kolberg2014.org.pl]