Exhibition: “Memory of Poland. UNESCO Memory of the World Program National List – 5th Edition”

The manuscript of the Nobel-prize winning epic novel Chłopi [The Peasants], the dethronement act of Tsar Nicholas I, the “golden bull” of the Polish language from 800 years ago, the works of Henryk Wars, the legacy of Jerzy Kukuczka and 12 other priceless historical documents were included this year on the UNESCO Memory of the…Continue Reading Exhibition: “Memory of Poland. UNESCO Memory of the World Program National List – 5th Edition”

Klecki Remembered in Łódź

Celebrating anniversaries often provides a great excuse to discover anew places, things, and people who for one reason or another became forgotten with the passage of time. This was certainly at least one of the reasons for the City Museum of Łódź to celebrate Paweł Klecki (1900-1973), a distinguished conductor and a fine composer, on…Continue Reading Klecki Remembered in Łódź

Lynch & Zebrowski

The celebrated film director and auteur David Lynch is also a noted visual artist, and the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, Netherlands opened an exhibit of his paintings on November 29, 2018. Entitled “Someone is in my house,” the show included a wide variety of large paintings, drawings, sketches and objects d’art. Videos are also a…Continue Reading Lynch & Zebrowski

Kolberg On Display

Oskar Kolberg’s artistic, scholarly and editorial achievements are exhibited at the Warsaw Central Agricultural Library until May 27. His interests in Polish and Slavic folk culture, the early years in Przysucha and studies in Warsaw as well as his last years spent in Kraków are depicted on several large-size displays, showing rare and fragile original…Continue Reading Kolberg On Display

Polish Manuscript Exhibition and Concert

Manuscript Exhibition Concert October 2000

On 21 October 2000, an open house and exhibition were held during the celebrations of the Polish American Heritage Month. The accompanying Chamber Music Concert was recorded and the CD includes chamber music by Kazimierz Serocki, Marta Ptaszyńska, Tadeusz Szeligowski, Tadeusz Baird, and others….Continue Reading Polish Manuscript Exhibition and Concert