Warszawa Singera

The 10th edition of the Warszawa Singera [Singers’ Warsaw] Festival of Jewish Culture is just around the corner. This annual celebration of music, theatre, film, literature and visual arts will be held from August 24 – September 1. The Yiddish culture will be back in cantors’ songs, klezmer sounds, outdoor concerts, Jewish paper-cutting workshops and Hebrew calligraphy. We will move to the world so vividly described by Isaak Beshevis Singer. The honorary guest of the festival will be I.B. Singer’s son – Izrael Zamir.

Every year, the most eminent representatives of the Jewish culture come to Warsaw from around the world: Israel, USA, Sweden, Holland, France, Belgium, Canada, Denmark and Hungary. During this year’s jubilee edition, the audience will have the opportunity to take part in a real artistic feast. The All Saints’ Church will host the trumpet virtuoso, Tomasz Stańko featuring the Kroke band and American musicians. The cantor Yaacov Lemmer will sing in the Nozyk Synagogue. Israeli cantor Dudu Fisher, known from his creation in Les Miserables, and the Canadian jazz pianist and composer Ron Davis will perform. At the request of our audience, Joshua Nelson will come back to Warsaw. Also, theatre geeks will find a few interesting proposals. Actors from France and Romania will perform some excellent shows (The Jewish Theatre from Bucharest will stage Yentl based on Sz. An-Ski’s The Dybbuk Between Two Worlds, adapted by Szmuel Shohat for Habima – the National Theatre from Israel). Several small theatre forms will be presented by, among others, Karolina Kirsz (adaptation of Touch the Water, Touch the Wind by Amos Oz) and Paweł Paszta.

The festival’s grand finale concert, held in Grzybowski Square, will be performed by The Other Europeans and the stars of this year’s Festival. The Other Europeans is a world famous group of 14 distinguished musicians connected with the Yiddish and the Lautari cultures. Connecting tradition and modernity, presenting culture of the pre-war Jewish shtetl and the contemporary art inspired by the Jewish motives, Singer’s Warsaw Festival has been demonstrating, for several years, that the Jewish culture is very rich and can fully embrace contemporary world.

[Source: festiwalsingera.pl]