Recent Gifts to PMC

Clarissa Ryterband (center) with her daughters, Diana Eisele (R) and Astrid Ryterband (L) and pianist Piotr Różański at the Eisele home on February 24, 2018

Books & Scores from PWM Dr. Daniel Cichy, Director and Editor-in-Chief for PWM [Polish Music Publishers] was recently in Los Angeles and stopped by the… Read more »

Gorzów Phil Anniversary

May 18 marked the seventh birthday of the Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2011 a beautiful new building was opened with an inaugural concert featuring Beethoven’s… Read more »

Bruzdowicz Birthday!

Joanna Bruzdowicz with a fellow female composer of another heritage, Lithuanian-Canadian composer and USC professor Veronika Krausas, during her visit for the PMC's Festival of Premieres in March 2012. Photo: Krysta Close, PMC Archives

Polish composer Joanna Bruzdowicz celebrated her 75th birthday this month. A longtime friend of the Polish Music Center and one of the first distinguished lecturers… Read more »