PMC Director About Town

Marek Zebrowski

Pacific Symphony / Osher Lifelong Learning Institute In addition to preparing for this summer’s Paderewski Festival Youth Cultural Exchange (June/July), and the fall’s Paderewski Lecture… Read more »

Laurels for Augustyn

Kinga Augustyn performing at the 2012 Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles

Violinist Kinga Augustyn, who is already known to audiences in California after appearing at the 2012 Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles (pictured at right), has just been… Read more »

Quarta – March 2015

The latest issue of Quarta (March 2015)—the periodical magazine published by Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (PWM Edition)—has been published on The topic of this quarter’s publication… Read more »

IMiT in Support of Young Musicians

Mezzosoprano Barbara Kinga Majewska - New Face of Music [Photo: Magda Hueckel]

Screen debut of Premiere and Conductor-in-Residence The premiere of two films produced by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw (IMiT)—Premiere and Conductor-in-residence—was held on Wednesday, 25 March at… Read more »