First Chopin Garden Concert In Chicago

The Chicago Chopin Foundation and Grant Park Conservancy invite you to Chicago’s Grant Park on Saturday, September 13 at 11:30am, to become familiar with the future Chopin Garden,to help it blossom, and to hear the first live concert to held there. This unique event will take place at 11th Street and Michigan Avenue, a prestigious…Continue Reading First Chopin Garden Concert In Chicago

MozART Group & Krosny Come To Chicago

  “We exist despite the sober formality of great concert halls, despite the boredom of classical musicians’ life, despite fanatic lovers of classical music, despite fans of rock, rap or pop who are afraid of classical music. We treat our Muse with a humorous irony and we’re sure, she will have nothing against it!”—MozART Group Up-To-Sound presents…Continue Reading MozART Group & Krosny Come To Chicago

Chopin Preludes At Sundays Live!

Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 6:00pm, the Sundays Live! series at LACMA will present Korean pianist Inyoung Huh. Her program will consist of Bach’s Toccata in C Minor BWV 911 and Chopin’s 24 Preludes, Op.28. Begun in 1948, SUNDAYS LIVE! is the longest-running music broadcast in Los Angeles. It presents weekly classical chamber music concerts…Continue Reading Chopin Preludes At Sundays Live!

Transatlantyk Competition Winners

During the final concert of the Transatlantyk Festival in Poznań on August 14, 2014, once again the prestigious prizes in the Instant Composition Contest and Film Music Competition were awarded.  The juries have awarded the following prizes: Transatlantyk Instant Composer 2014 / First Prize (30 000 PLN): Mateusz Dębski Second Prize: Michał Wróblewski Third Prize:…Continue Reading Transatlantyk Competition Winners

Neske Wins Composition With Białoszewski Poetry

Mironczarnia, Jakub Neske’s choral composition based on Miron Białoszewski’s poem, ranked 3rd in the 1st International Competition of Choral Composition juried by legendary film music composer Ennio Morricone. Jakub Neske composed Mironczarnia (English pronunciation: Meeroncharnya) for the 60th anniversary of Białoszewski’s debut in Życie Literackie, a Polish literary magazine. The poet had published his work…Continue Reading Neske Wins Composition With Białoszewski Poetry

Wratislavia Cantans

From September 5-14, 2014, the 49th International Festival Wratislavia Cantans will draw the attention of the musical world, inviting to Wrocław and Lower Silesia artists of the highest order. For the second time the concept of the festival is authored by Giovanni Antonini, who this year guides audiences “From Darkness to Light.” The splendor of…Continue Reading Wratislavia Cantans

Sacrum Profanum

The 12th edition of the Sacrum Profanum Festival will run from September 14-20, 2014 in Kraków. The father of American minimalism – Philip Glass, avant-garde artist – Laurie Anderson, Sonic Youth guitarist – Lee Ranaldo, and Squarepusher will all perform on this year’s program. Also on the program is the Residency, consisting of three concerts…Continue Reading Sacrum Profanum

Muzyka Na Szczytach

The International Chamber Music Festival “Music on the Heights” [Muzyka Na Szczytach] is a cyclical yearly event held in Zakopane since 2009. The “heights” included in the event’s name symbolize both the location of the Festival, as well as its superb artistic level. The organizers’ greatest concern is to popularize Polish music throughout the world…Continue Reading Muzyka Na Szczytach

Per Musicam Ad Astra

  The second annual International Copernicus Choral Festival “Per Musicam Ad Astra” will be held September 10-14 in Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Inowrocław and Lubicz. Choral ensembles from Holland, Poland, Slovenia, Sri Lanka and Hungary will be heard in a total of eleven concerts. The Toruń Symphony Orchestra and Astrolabium Choir will open the Festival on September…Continue Reading Per Musicam Ad Astra