Mironczarnia, Jakub Neske’s choral composition based on Miron Białoszewski’s poem, ranked 3rd in the 1st International Competition of Choral Composition juried by legendary film music composer Ennio Morricone.

Jakub Neske composed Mironczarnia (English pronunciation: Meeroncharnya) for the 60th anniversary of Białoszewski’s debut in Życie Literackie, a Polish literary magazine. The poet had published his work before but it wasn’t until Życie Literackie that he took his serious first steps into the world of poetry. Białoszewski’s poems were introduced with a foreword by Artur Sandauer. To see a performance of Mironczarnia, see www.youtube.com.

The gala was held in Basilice di Santa Croce in Florence on July 25. The 1st prize award went to Vergine o Natura Sacra composed by Gaetano Leonardi. Canadian composer Rita Ueda received the 2nd prize award for Ame Potsu.

Inspired by Eric Whitacre’s concept of “Virtual Choir,” Jakub Neske is planning to set up a virtual choir in Poland. Internet users send in their audio and video recordings on which they perform a particular piece. Then, the separate recordings are mixed together into a full-fledged choir. Whitacre’s Virtual Choir gathered 185 performers. Will the Polish version make it to beat this result? The project kicks off on August 18 – and from then on the score, the materials and the instructions will be available online.

Jakub Neske studies Artistic Education at the Academy of Music in Łódź. He also collaborates with the Łódź Philharmonic as a baritone performer. Also, his composition One Step was included in the playlist for Piotr Kaczkowski’s Minimax Show and was released on Minimax.pl 5 in 2009.

[Source: culture.pl]