Poland’s Phonographic Academy [Akademia Fonograficzna] and the Association of Audio Video Producers [Związek Producentów Audio Video – ZPAV] have announced the recipients of the 2024 Golden Fryderyk Awards. This year, four artists have joined the exclusive group of musicians who received this prestigious lifetime achievement award. The official ceremony dedicated to jazz and popular music will take place in PreZero Arena in Gliwice on March 22, while the classical music ceremony will take place at the NOSPR Hall in Katowice.

This year’s Golden Fryderyk recipients are:

Krzysztof Meyer is a mainstream contemporary composer. The success of his music is proven by numerous CD albums presenting most of his works. All performers who collaborate with him are amazed by his comprehensive knowledge, excellent memory and musical hearing, his familiarity with the entire symphonic and chamber repertoire. Krzysztof Meyer also doesn’t shy away from jokes. The premiere of his symphony written in the style of Mozart was announced as a lesser-known work by a genius from Salzburg… it was also received this way. In the past, people addressed questions about the secrets of instrumentation to Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss. Today, people ask Krzysztof Meyer! A master, erudite, friend of musicians, enthusiast of beauty in music. The Golden Fryderyk Award in his hands is a joy for the whole – not only Polish – music community

Łukasz Borowicz – conductor and Phonographic Academy board member

More information is available at fryderyki.com.

[Source: polmic.pl]