Wojciech Kilar was one of Poland’s greatest twentieth century symphonic composers. He studied piano with Władysława Markiewiczówna and composition with Bolesław Szabelski at the State Higher School of Music in Katowice. His compositions range from orchestral pieces and film scores to chamber vocal-piano and instrumental scores and he had great influence on modern classical music. As a musician with such influence Katowice takes great pride in his legacy and continues to celebrate him after his passing. 

On Saturday July 16th, 2022 Wojciech Kilar’s music will be performed all over the city of Katowice. This exciting day will have many performances in the garden of Kilar’s former villa turned music education center. Performers will be the Brass Quintet of NOSPR, the Silesian Chamber Musicians Quintet, the Choir of the Academic Music Group of the Silesian University of Technology, and an ensemble of musicians from the Archetti Chamber Orchestra. From morning to afternoon, film, chamber and religious music by Kilar will be performed at open concerts. The full schedule of events is at: miasto-ogrodow.eu/strona/urodziny_kilara

At 6 PM this day, Kilar’s birth time, the Silesian Philharmonic will perform a concert dedicated to his memory. This concert will be conducted by Yaroslav Shemet and will feature only works composed by Kilar. This concert will be ticketed and the information for that is below.

Saturday, July 16 | 6:00 p.m.
Kilar – Muzyka Filmowa i Klasyczna
Karola Stryja Concert Hall, Katowice
Info & tickets (32-55 PLN): HERE


[source: polmic.pl press releases ]