The East-West Chamber Orchestra has just released their latest under the NAXOS label, Mieczysław Weinberg’s 2nd and 4th Chamber Symphonies. This completes the series, as they previously recorded and released Weinberg’s 1st and 3rd Chamber Symphonies in 2019. These symphonies were written near the final decade of Weinberg’s life when orchestral music was at the forefront of his thinking as a contemporary composer. As an active promoter of contemporary music and diversity, the East-West Chamber Orchestra was a perfect fit to make this recording. NAXOS released the recording in early 2022 and it is already being received extremely well. It was already named recording of the month by International Music Web. Weinberg’s daughter, Anna Weinberg, also made a statement available on the NAXOS website expressing her gratitude towards and warm regards to the performers and listeners of her father’s music. The recording is available here.


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