Almost 300 people involved, over 9 years of work, dozens of instruments made of rubbish…this is just the beginning of a long list that enabled the implementation of one idea: demonstrating human impact on the environment. On 22 April 2021, International Earth Day, the album Elements—Polish composer Paweł Pudło‘s modern story about humanity and different elements of nature—was premiered.

The album includes fifteen orchestral pieces in the style of film music with ethnic elements and electronics. According to the composer:

“The Elements project tells the story of Earth and human as its inseparable element. Despite the fact that we are already ‘techno-humans’, constantly connected to our smartphones and the Internet, we still remain part of the nature that surrounds us. It is not only about taking care of nature, but also showing the effects of neglecting it”.

-Paweł Pudło

The Elements project is not only about music. The premiere also featured workshops and lectures for primary and secondary school students. Invited researchers from the University of Wrocław explained to young people the process of human impact on the environment, including soil, air, and water pollution.

The symphonic works were performed by musicians playing on recycled instruments made of plastic, metal, and wood waste. By using such instruments, the composer wanted to emphasize the reusability of these materials.

After 22 April, the Elements album will be available in stores on CD and vinyl record, as well as on streaming services: .

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