On 27 April 2021 at 12.00 p.m., the Polish Society for Music Analysis (PTAM) will host an open online meeting presenting the results of current research on the works of Feliks Nowowiejski and Fryderyk Chopin.

PTAM aims to integrate the community of musicologists, theorists, composers, and performers, around the broadly understood understanding and scientific interpretation of music. The president of the organization, founded in 2015, is Prof. Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek. The members of the Society come from both Academies of Music and Institutes of Musicology all over Poland. PTAM will present the Polish researchers’ historical and current achievements in the field of music analysis, including sonology, theories of musical form, musical structures, harmony, the use of information technology in music. These achievements are presented during analytical workshops, symposia, and conferences organized by the Society.

During the next open meeting of the Polish Society for Music Analysis, Agnieszka Chwiłek, Ph.D. (Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw) will present her research on the musical language of songs to the words of German poets in the early works of Feliks Nowowiejski. Krzysztof Bilica, Ph.D. (Warsaw) will deliver a talk entitled ‘Rooster Crowing Before Dawn’ à la rondeau.

27 April 2021 | 12.00 p.m. 

Open Session of the Polish Society for Music Analysis: Feliks Nowowiejski and Fryderyk Chopin

Link to the Zoom meeting:


(Meeting ID: 860 2583 4497, Passcode: 2XPQr7)

[Source: polmic.pl ]