Double Concerto for piano, cello, and orchestra by Marta Ptaszyńska will have its premiere on November 22 at the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków. Soloists Jan Kalinowski (cello) and Marek Szlezer (piano)—known jointly as the Cracow Duo—will be joined by the Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Paweł Kapuła. The program also includes Mieczysław Weinberg’s Polish Melodies, Op. 47 and Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 5.

Ptaszyńska’s new Double Concerto begins delicately with the orchestra and soloists, then leads into a second part characterized by a narrative that moves in waves. The third part has a dance-like character, while the finale is lush and full of activity.

The artists of the Cracow Duo are connected not only by life-long friendship, but also by education in Kraków and Paris. Fascinated with Polish music, the artists have been actively involved in the promotion of their native culture both at home and abroad, presenting to the public works for cello and piano. The Cracow Duo has been regularly recording and publishing since 2009. Their albums have received numerous awards and distinctions, including several nominations for the prestigious Polish Fryderyk Phonographic Awards. A similar understanding of music and a shared vision of art combined with excellent instrumental skills and extensive concert experience allows them to create emotional, honest and spontaneous interpretations.

22 November 2019 | 7:30 pm
Ptaszyńska Premiere by Cracow Duo
Polish Aviation Museum
al. Jana Pawła II 39, Kraków, Poland
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