The Annual Music Prize funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage was awarded to composer and singer Agata Zubel on June 12, 2019 at the event at Teatr Wielki—Opera Narodowa in Warsaw. Given by Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński, the award was received on behalf of the laureate by Dr. Daniel Cichy, director and editor-in-chief of Polish Music Publishers (PWM). Dr. Cichy also read a message from the composer, wherein she announced a new program for supporting young composers and declared that the entire amount of her award will be dedicated towards defraying of costs for young artists’ residencies in Iceland.

Explaining her decision to fund the program through a foundation established with her composer and accordionist husband, Michał Moc, Agata Zubel noted that,

Iceland is an exceptional place on Earth. The imposing environment, unimaginably wide-open spaces and completely different reality have an enormous influence on our creativity and us. By sharing our access to these surroundings, we would like to personally show young composers and convince them that, whatever we think of the world, little is guaranteed but much can happen.

The successful applicants for this program will be able to spend two weeks on the 66th parallel, just below the Arctic Circle, and work on their scores in a place singularly conducive to composing, where Agata Zubel and Michał Moc continue to pursue their creative endeavors. The residency scholarship will cover costs of travel to Iceland and local accommodations. Other private sponsors are also co-funding this program.

The first tour of scholars is scheduled for October 16-31. Composers under 35 are encouraged to apply before July 31 by emailing: and visiting for more information about the program.