On May 10, the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre in Białystok presented “Two Great Artists, Two Ages, Two Musical Sensitivities”—a Pawlik/Moniuszko Polish Jazz Concert.

Pianist and arranger Włodek Pawlik is the only Pole to win a Grammy for jazz. His newest CD is the first in the world to feature works by the “Father of Polish Opera” Stanisław Moniuszko in jazz arrangements. The recording and concert is performed by the Włodek Pawlik Trio, consisting of Pawlik (piano), Paweł Pańta (double bass), and Adam Zagórski (percussion).

Works from the CD “Pawlik/Moniuszko—Polish Jazz”, inspired by compositions of Stanisław Moniuszko, arranged by Włodek Pawlik, e.g. “Prząśniczka”, “Pieśń wieczorna”, “Ten zegar stary”, “Gdyby rannym słonkiem”, “Szumią jodły na gór szczycie” and “Aria z kurantem.”

Friday, 10 May 2019 | 7:00 pm
Two Great Artists, Two Ages, Two Musical Sensitivities – Pawlik/Moniuszko Concert
Podlasie Opera And Philharmonic—European Art Centre, Concert Hall
Odeska 1, 15-406 Białystok Poland
Tickets & Info: www.oifp.eu

[Source: oifp.eu]