Panufnik Anniversary Year

Panufnik 100 In London On 30 November 2014, the Brodsky Quartet and the Panufnik family and friends present Panufnik 100: A Family Celebration, a chamber music festival to mark the centenary of Anglo-Polish composer Andrzej Panufnik’s birth. Held at Kings Place London, the Panufnik family brings together an impressive roster of artists to celebrate the life and…Continue Reading Panufnik Anniversary Year

2014 Anniversaries

Born This Month 3 October 1882 – Karol SZYMANOWSKI, composer, pianist, (d. 29 March 1937) 3 October 1923 – Stanislaw SKROWACZEWSKI, composer and conductor 4 October 1910 – Eugenia UMINSKA, violinist 6 October 1885 – Karol STROMENGER, teacher, composer, publicist, music critic (d. 1975) 9 October 1924 – Regina SMENDZIANKA, pianist 10 October 1910 –…Continue Reading 2014 Anniversaries

September 2014 Anniversaries

Born This Month 1 September 1900 – Kazimierz WIŁKOMIRSKI, cellist, conductor, teacher (died in 1990) 5 September 1924 – Krystyna MOSZUMAŃSKA-NAZAR, composer 5 September 1938 – Piotr LACHERT, pianist, composer, pedagogue 6 September 1916 – Tadeusz DOBRZAŃSKI, composer and conductor 7 September 1943 – Elzbieta STEFAŃSKA, harpsichordist 9 September 1921 – Andrzej DOBROWOLSKI, composer (died…Continue Reading September 2014 Anniversaries

Meyer at 70

Krzysztof Meyer

2013 was an anniversary year for Krzysztof Meyer, who celebrated his 70th birthday last August. In recognition of Meyer’s admirable accomplishments as a composer, many concerts and festivals throughout Europe commemorated the occasion with a slate of concerts devoted to Meyer’s opus. First and foremost, two of Meyer’s operas were premiered in Poland: Gracze [Players]…Continue Reading Meyer at 70

Seasons Of Panufnik

Already in full swing, the 2014 Panufnik Centenary celebrations are moving into festival mode for the summer, then leading towards the birthday month of September and the autumn season. Performances in the Americas will continue the tradition of American orchestras playing a prominent role in the history of works by Andrzej Panufnik: his Sinfonia Elegiaca…Continue Reading Seasons Of Panufnik

August 2014 Anniversaries

Born This Month August 4, 1879 – Józef REISS, musicologist, Polish music expert (d. 1956) August 7, 1935 – Monika (Izabela) GORCZYCKA, musicologist (d. 1962) August 8, 1946 – Mieczyslaw MAZUREK, composer, teacher, choral conductor August 8, 1897 – Stefan SLEDZINSKI, conductor, musicologist August 10, 1914 – Witold MALCUZYNSKI, pianist, student of Lefeld August 11,…Continue Reading August 2014 Anniversaries

Lira Ensemble Celebrates 50 Years

In 2015, the Lira Ensemble will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Lira began as a small group of talented young women singers, but today the Lira Ensemble includes a symphony orchestra and a dance troupe as well as the Lira Singers, based at Loyola University Chicago as artist-in-residence since 1995. Over nearly 50 years, the Lira Ensemble…Continue Reading Lira Ensemble Celebrates 50 Years

Anniversaries: July 2014

Born This Month July 04, 1904 – Artur MALAWSKI, composer (d. 1957) July 06, 1837 – Władysław ŻELEŃSKI, composer (also a doctor of philosophy, d.1921) July 09, 1931 – Eugeniusz KNAPIK, composer July 10, 1936 – Jan Wincenty HAWEL, composer and conductor July 10, 1835 – Henryk WIENIAWSKI, violin virtuoso & composer (d. 1880, Moscow)…Continue Reading Anniversaries: July 2014

Kolberg’s Tomb Renovated

Oskar Kolberg died in Kraków on June 3, 1890 and was buried at the Rakowicki Cemetery. On June 3 this year, Kolberg’s tomb was unveiled after undergoing extensive renovation. The ceremonies began at 1 p.m. with a procession and a short musical program presented by students from the Kolberg Music School in Radom. The rededication…Continue Reading Kolberg’s Tomb Renovated

Anniversaries June 2014

Born This Month June 1, 1909 – Maria DZIEWULSKA, composer and theoretician (d. 2006) June 4, 1845 – Aleksander POLIŃSKI, music historian (d. 1916) June 4, 1784 – Adam CZARNOCKI, music ethnographer (d. 1825) June 5, 1865 – Felicjan SZOPSKI, composer and music critic (d. 1939) June 6, 1929 – Bogusław SCHAEFFER, composer, writer June…Continue Reading Anniversaries June 2014