Premiere of Polish Landscape by Les Femmes

The premiere of the new album Polish Landscape by the ensemble Les Femmes took place on 8 September at the St. I. Witkiewicz Theatre in Zakopane as part of the Music on the Heights Festival.The album is an anthology of Polish vocal lyrics from the last 150 years that speak to the experiences and emotions that have accompanied women. Several pieces were recorded for the first time, including Stanisław Niewiadomski’s Cupid and Heart, Bohdan Riemer’s Sunset, Stefan Kisielewski’s Request for happy islands, and Romuald Twardowski’s Vocalization.

Based in Gdansk, Les Femmes is known for their innovative approach to classical music called opera collage. As a chamber ensemble, they recreate ambitious repertoire and enhance the musical effect with acting, set design and beautiful costumes. Works connected by a coherent plot are shown in a new context and create a captivating musical collage with consistent stage action. In addition, the ensemble uses visual and sound effects as well as multimedia graphics.

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8 September 2019 | 7 p.m.
Album Premiere: Polish Landscape (Les Femmes)
Witkacy Theater, Witkacy Stage
ul. Chramcówki 15, 34-500 Zakopane