Kamionek Festival in Warsaw

The first festival dedicated to the culture of Warsaw’s Kamionek district—once an industrial area, now turned art hub—was held from June 8-15, 2019. Participants were introduced the locals, artists and non-governmental organizations of contemporary Kamionek through various art-related events: concerts of classical and contemporary music, performances, workshops, exhibits, and bicycle rides with architects. With both indoor and outdoor venues, festival-goers will explore the streets and squares of Kamionek, Skaryszewski Park, Soho Factory, and Powszechny Theatre.

On 9 June, the New Warsaw Trio performed music from France, Argentina and Poland. Later, “Ars Moriendi” was performed by the Bastarda Trio and the Choir of Grochów under the direction of Maja Kłoskowska. On June 14, the Atom String Quartet and soloists of the Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra performed a selection of songs from the Fryderyk 2019 Contemporary Album of the Year, “Supernova.”

For more information and the full program, visit www.festiwalnakamionku.pl.

[Source: polmic.pl]