3rd Chopin in the City Festival

The 3rd Annual Chopin IN the City Festival took place from February 22 – March 1 at various locations throughout Chicago. The prolific line-up of Polish and US musicians included Polish jazz pianist Piotr Orzechowski, Polish accordionist Jarek Bester, Chicago-based Polish singer Grazyna Auguscik, Ukraine-based pianist Marianna Humetska, and the Atom String Quartet. Also included in the programming was a screening of the film Fryderyk (in Polish with English subtitles), an “Inspired by Chopin” exhibit, and a “Painting Chopin” activity with kids.

Founded by Grazyna Auguscik, the festival is inspired by the music of Chopin, but is especially devoted to transforming how music is made and received. Chopin was known for defying traditional musical structures with his improvisational quality, which is what inspires jazz musicians like Auguscik to rework his compositions.

“[S]ociety needs something smaller, not only big shows. We need to be close to the musicians, close to the music,” said Auguscik to the Chicago Tribune. “My dream is to spread the music around the city, in all communities and get different organizations involved. That’s how arts can survive.”

For full schedule of the festival, visit soundsandnotes.org.

[Source: soundsandnotes.org]