Independence Centenary

Paderewski at the National Museum

A few weeks ago, the National Museum in Warsaw officially opened its Paderewski Exhibit, drawing on the extensive collection of papers, artwork, personal documents and other museum-quality objects deposited at the Museum well over 60 years ago. Coinciding with the celebrating 100 years of Poland’s regained independence, this exhibit is also accompanied by a series of concerts, lectures and guided tours running throughout the spring until May 20. Some of the highlights include the following programs:

  • March 11: Paweł Kaczmarczyk jazz trio concert, featuring arrangements of Paderewski’s compositions
  • March 25: guided tour with the Paderewski Exhibit Curator, Magdalena Pinker
  • April 14: Jan Zieliński’s lecture on Paderewski’s 40 years in Switzerland
  • Thursday at the Museum, lecture series, including:
    • Paderewski—the King of Pianists” by Małgorzata Waszak (March 22)
    • “Diplomacy by the World’s Most Famous Pianist” by Aleksander Laskowski (April 5)
    • “Artwork and Memorabilia from the Residence of Ignacy Jan and Helena Paderewski” by Anna Feliks and Mirosław Budzyński (April 19)
    • “Photographic History of a Musician who became Prime Minister” by Magdalena Hartwig (May 17).
  • Evenings at the Museum, 7:30 p.m. concert series, presenting:
    • Musical Voyages of Ignacy Jan and Helena Paderewski” by Anna Feliks and Mirosław Budzyński (March 16)
    • “Paderewski’s Circle of Friends” by Joanna Bojarska-Cieślik (April 13)
    • “Paderewski’s Two Million” by Karolina Zalewska (April 27)
    • “Artwork from Paderewski’s Residence” by Iwona Danielewicz (May 11)
  • Sunday Lectures about the items on exhibit (March 25, April 8, 22 and 29, May 13 and 20) with Przemysław Głowacki and Karolina Zalewska.
  • Various workshops, including one for teachers: “Paderewski as an Artist, Politician and Art Collector” (May 11) and two for families: “The Mysteries of Paderewski’s Baggage” (April 8) and “Madame Paderewska’s Dolls” (April 29).

Finally, the rich offering of programs also includes meetings for children and their chaperones on how to become a musician, workshops and tours for sight-impaired and hearing-impaired public as well as guided walks “in Paderewski’s footsteps” around Warsaw. All of these events are coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Embassies of the United States and Switzerland and other sponsors. Audio guides in Polish and English are available for the public as well.

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UWPSEC Fundraiser in Seattle

On March 17 at the University of Washington Club on the UW campus, the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee (UWPSEC) will host a fundraiser celebrating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence, featuring a lecture by PMC Director Marek Zebrowski.

This year, Poland celebrates the 100th anniversary of regaining independence after 123 years of partitions between its three neighbors. Pianist, composer and statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski played a crucial role in this process. He was a favorite of concert audiences around the world and his fame opened access to diplomacy. He was the Prime Minister of Poland and Poland’s foreign minister in 1919 and represented Poland at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.

Marek ZebrowskiProfessor Marek Zebrowski—pianist, composer, lecturer, and author of books on music and film—currently serves as the Director of the Polish Music Center at the University of Southern California and the Artistic Director of the Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles.

The Fundraiser will benefit the UWPSEC funds. Tickets include sit-down dinner, wine and dessert.

March 17, 2018 | 5:30 PM
UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee Fundraiser
Tickets $100 ($40 tax-deductible) per person
Free parking on campus on Saturdays after 12:00PM
Info & Tickets:

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