ZaiKs and Transatlantyk 2018 Best Young Polish Composer Winner

Every year, the Transatlantyk Festival awards filmmakers and musicians for creating new and challenging works in film, music and art. This year’s Transatlantyk Best Polish Young Composer was Radzimir Dębski, also know as Jimek, for two works:

Panic Attack / Atak Paniki (Poland)
Directed by Paweł Maślona
Produced by Akson Studio
Supported by the Polish Film Institute


Art of Love / Sztuka kochania ( Poland)
Directed by Maria Sadowska
Produced by Watchout Productions
Coproduced by TVN S.A., Orange S.A., Agora S.A.
Supported by the Polish Film Institute

The festival was founded by Oscar-winning film and theatre composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek. For more information about the festival, please visit