Lutoslawski “Derwid” Recordings

Katarzyna Sadej (mezzo-soprano) and Barbara Bochenek (pianist) are working on recording the 33 songs composed by Witold Lutoslawski under the pen name “Derwid.” These “pop” songs were tangos, waltzes, and foxtrots specifically composed for Polish radio, but have been largely forgotten. The duo has begun recording in Los Angeles, but they are seeking sponsors to help them finish the songs and make them available for a CD-release as well as online streaming.

Below is the email they sent out:


Dear friends,

As many of you are aware, I am currently working on a recording of all 33 Derwid songs – these are largely forgotten tangos, waltzes and foxtrots by Witold Lutoslawski. The fact that barely anyone knows that these songs exist is fascinating because of this great composer’s fame. And these songs are fabulous! Please visit our campaign link ( to check out some samples!

Pianist Barbara Bochenek and I have taken this on as our own project. We are relying on sponsors to help us finish it.

Please consider sharing our campaign with friends. And, If you would like to consider donating – Every dollar counts for us right now, but any donation of $20 and up includes some free recordings, and any donation of $50 and up includes all 33 songs and a special mention in our CD booklet as a Top Sponsor.

With warmest wishes to all of you!

Kasia & Basia


For more information about their work, check out website: or Facebook

[Source: correspondence]