Organs of Central Warsaw

The 18th annual Festival “Organy Środmieścia” [City Center’s Organs] began in Warsaw on September 3 and will continue through October 22. Launched in 2000 by a Warsaw-based organist Przemysław Kapituła, during most Sundays in September and October the audiences can listen to several concerts in the heart of Poland’s capital. The central area of the city has several churches with excellent instruments, including the organs in the Cathedral of St. John in the Old Town, the Military Church, and the main nave of St. Martin’s Church.

This organ festival in Warsaw seeks to spotlight the rich instrumental heritage of the city by bringing the best local performers as well as featuring Italian organ virtuosos this year. This year’s programs will include works by Karol Szymanowski, Feliks Nowowiejski and Mieczysław Surzyński and will be augmented by lectures and leaflets detailing the history and capabilities of the instruments used for the programs.

September 3 – October 22, 2017
‘Organy Środmieścia’ Festival
Held in the churches of central Warsaw
FREE Admission