Łódż Four Cultures Festival

The city of Łódź is located in the heart of Poland at a crossing point of many important European routes. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Łódź was influenced by four cultures. The Polish, Jewish, German and Russian inhabitants contributed to the rich and diverse cultural background of the city that the University strives to sustain. The local architecture and history attract a great number of tourists. The history of Łódź is linked to the rapid 19th century development of the textile industry when the place was called the city of factory chimneys and the Promised Land.

— (quoted from the University of Łódź website)

There is no other festival in Łódź that is so recognizable and, at the same time, so Łódź-related, so deeply-rooted in the history of the city as the Łódź Four Cultures Festival, which is held this year from September 8-17, 2017 under the theme of “the Alphabet of Dialogue.” Events are centered in the Old Town, which was the cradle of Łódź, but are also presented in many other spots of the city; in the far Widzew (Wi-MA), in Górna (the Central Museum of Textiles), in Polesie (the Wytwórnia Club), in Bałuty (the Dialogue Center) and in Śródmieście (the New Theatre, OFF Piotrkowska). Events will be filled with music, theatre and film, as well as literature and visual arts.

Throughout its 15 year history, the Four Cultures Festival (previously known as the Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival) has been managed by various people and institutions, and this year’s organizer is the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center. Thanks to this festival, it is known throughout Poland that Łódź was and still remains a multicultural city co-created by Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians.

For the full program of this fascinating Festival, visit: www.4kultury.pl.

September 8-17, 2017
Łódź Four Cultures Festival

Various venues in Łódź
Info: www.4kultury.pl

[Sources: facebook.com4kultury.pl]