Premiere of Wojtek Blecharz: Body-Opera

A new work by Wojtek BlecharzBody-Opera is dedicated to the audience and questions the model of music perception based on mere sitting, listening and watching. This opera installation explores the relations between the human body and the ways we perceive sound, reminding us of its physical nature. If sound is frequency, or a vibration, it can “touch” not only our senses and emotions but our bodies too. It will be given its world premiere on the main stage of Warsaw’s Nowy Teatr on July 16-17, 2017.

After Transcryptum, commissioned by Teatr Wielki National Opera (2013), and Park-Opera, written for Teatr Powszechny (2016), Body-Opera is the third opera-installation that continues Blecharz’s artistic mission and locates the viewer in a completely new musical and theatrical situation.

Body-Opera is a kind of a critique of institutions that for centuries have offered us the same model of listening to music, based on sitting, listening and watching. Nowadays, when we know that perception is connected with the entire body, experiencing music cannot be reduced to an abstract process involving only the brain, ears, and eyes. Sound is a frequency, vibration, a dynamic material that can touch our senses, emotions, but also the body.

Performers and crew for the premiere performance are: Karol Tymiński – dancer, Beltane Ruiz Molina – double bass, Alexandre Babel – percussion, VJ scenography, costumes – Ewa Śmigielska, and lighting design – Tadeusz Perkowski. It was produced by Nowy Teatr and co-produced by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, in partnership with the Body / Mind Foundation, as part of Performing Europe 2020.

July 16-17, 2017 | 8:00 p.m.
Premiere of Body-Opera by Wojtek Blecharz
Nowy Teatr – Main Stage
ul. Madalińskiego 10/16, 02-513 Warsaw
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