Simon Plays Lutosławski

Lutosławski:  Complete Piano Works
Witold Lutosławski: Bukoliki [Bucolics] for solo piano; Two Studies for solo piano; Folk Melodies for solo piano; Three pieces for young people for solo piano; Invention (1968)An Overheard Tune; Sonata for piano
Corinna Simon – piano
AVI8553341 / Deutschlandradio Kultur (Mar 11, 2016); Available on Amazon

Witold Lutosławski, one of the most important composers of the 20th century, was an excellent pianist. He and his colleague Andrzej Panufnik earned their living as a piano duo by presenting their own compositions in Warsaw cafes during the Second World War. Unfortunately, many of these works have been lost in the turmoil of the war. Among all the solo piano works Lutosławski composed during that time, only the Sonata (1934) and the Two Etudes (1940/41) exist today. After the war, he turned to new compositional techniques (twelfth music, serial music, aleatory music) for larger occupations.

In her new recording, Berlin pianist Corinna Simon interprets the composer’s strong, powerful music through sensitive yet colorful instrumentation. Simon has been extremely successful performing and recording piano rarities by contemporary composers like Jean Francaix, Hans Werner Henze, Bernd Alois Zimmermann and Friedrich Goldmann. As a child she was accepted at the Julius Stern Institute, the renowned conservatory in Berlin at the age of twelve. In 1984, she launched her career as a pianist in solo works and chamber music with the Berlin Philharmonic. Simon currently teaches advanced classes for young pianists in Berlin.