Mocarty 2016 Nominations

The winners of the MocArt RMF Classic award will be selected through online voting, which is available at The results will be announced on March 13, 2017 in Warsaw. The nominees include the following Polish musicians and musical events:

  • Maestro Jerzy Maksymiuk – conductor, pianist, composer
    For Man of the Year Award.  An “eternal artistic youth” – Maksymiuk is hailed as one of the best and most popular Polish conductors, who celebrated a full year of jubilee events related to his 80th birthday.
  • Wrocław – European Capital of Culture 2016
    For Event of the Year Award. In the past year, nearly 2,000 artistic projects and cultural events of the highest order were organized in Wrocław, such as concerts, exhibitions, performances, and meetings with artists. Attended by over 5 million people, these events have underlined the cultural importance of Wrocław has on the region, country and Europe.
  • Łukasz Dyczko –saxophonist, winner of Eurovision Young Musicians 2016
    For Event of the Year Award. The final concert of the Eurovision Young Musicians 2016 competition, entitled “Poles in Cologne,” featured Dyczko’s performance of Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone by Andre Waignein and was broadcast in 10 European countries. Upon winning the competition, the saxophonist was hailed as “the new star of classical music.”
  • Abel Korzeniowski –composer of score for Nocturnal Animals
    For Film Music of the Year Award. Korzeniowski’s style can be recognized from the original and beautiful themes as well as the medley of classical instruments and patterns. In 2016, his compositions helped to establish the unique setting of Tom Ford’s obsessive dark thriller, Nocturnal Animals (Silva Screen Music/Magic Records).
  • Orkiestrownik – mobile app released by IMiT and NInA
    For Classic of the Year Award. This free application for Android and iOS offers an innovative, interactive way of exploring orchestral music and instruments. It gives users an unprecedented view of how classical music is made through multiple features.