Górecki Meets Metal

A reimaging of Górecki’s 3rd Symphony by Colin Stetson
Colin Stetson: Alto, Tenor, Bass Saxophones; Contrabass Clarinet; Lyricon | Dan Bennett: Tenor, Baritone Saxophones; Clarinet | Greg Fox: Drums | Grey Mcmurray: Guitar | Gyda Valtysdottir: Cello | Justin Walter: Keyboards, EVI | Matt Bauder: Tenor, Baritone Saxophones; Clarinet | Megan Stetson: Voice | Rebecca Foon: Cello | Ryan Ferreira: Guitar | Sarah Neufeld: Violin | Shahzad Ismaily: Synth
Figure 8 Studios (April 8, 2016), colinstetson.bandcamp.com

At the beginning of 2016, the iconic multi-instrumentalist Colin Stetson caught the attention of both classical and contemporary audiences with the release of his album “Sorrow,” a remarkable new interpretation of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s famous 3rd Symphony created using three types of saxophone, a bass clarinet and a synthesizer. In an interview with Filip Lech from Culture.pl Magazine, Stetson revealed that the metal and drone elements that were added to the composition were a result of his heightened understanding of the loss and sorrow expressed in Gorecki’s work. He continues to say: “My approach to Symphony No. 3 was to broaden in a way how I imagined certain sounds and parts which were absent in the original, which for myself, were some sort of an extension of the emotional core of that piece. I’ve changed instrumentation … changed some things drastically in arrangement, dynamics, some timing, and some space issues. I encroached on some phrases; from time to time, I’d find some detail that I wanted to tweak. So, there are certain things that are unique and move around. But I didn’t ever change the music, I didn’t add anything.”

[Source: culture.pl]