‘Warszawa Singera’ 2016

Concerts, plays, meetings of literature, movie, and cooking fans and workshops for children – these are only a few events planned for the XIII edition of the “Singer’s Warsaw” Festival of Jewish Culture, which will take a place through August 27 – September 4, 2016 in Warsaw. Around 65-70 thousand people come to the festival every year. This number speaks for itself. The main aim of the festival is to provide what is best in arts. For this year’s edition the organizers has planned more than 200 events, including concerts, plays, cooking, blocks for children, movies, etc. Although the main center of the festival is Warsaw, the events will also be held in different cities such as Leoncin or Biłgoraj.

The festival opens with a concert of cantors—Yaakov Lemmer, Benzion Miller, Tzudik Greenwald accompanied by Menchaem Bristowski on the piano and the Warsaw Opera Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra will also perform famous Mozart’s Requiem during a concert at Plac Grzybowski with soloists from Warsaw Chamber Opera, Vocal Ensemble and Sinfonietta WOK Orchestra.

“Jewish 20th century String Music” will be presented by famous Polish string players: Katarzyna Duda, Katarzyna Brudnik-Gałązka and Marcin Zdunik. Project “Yiddish Tango” will present music from pre-war Warsaw. New arrangements in Polish, Yiddish, Hebrew and Spanish will be performed by Olga Avigail and the “Tango Atack” Ensemble led by pianist and composer Hadrian Tabęcki.

At the final concert, a group from New York called the Klezmatics will present Jewish songs from various genres, such as: Jazz, Gospel, Rock and more traditional Jewish songs. At the outdoor concert called “The Night of Klezmers” a British band Hamsa will play music that contains the elements of eastern European Jewish and Turkish music.

For the fans of Jazz music, the organizers have prepared “Singer Jazz Festival”. In this event we will listen to Włodzimierz Nahorny, who will perform his program from the album “Hope” with his guest musicians:  Zbigniew Namysłowski, Wojciech Jachna and Wojciech Myrczek.

The organizers also invited Trio Sefardix with a guest musician Jorgos Skolias. The saxophone player Leszek Żądło will present music by Krzysztof Komeda from a musical “Wygnanie z Raju”. In Nozyki Synagogue, Kuba Stankiewicz will play a concert called “The Music of Henryk Wars” and Lena Piękniewska will sing songs with lyrics by young poets from the ghetto.

August 27-September 4, 2016
13th “Singer’s Warsaw” Festival of Jewish Culture
Various venues in Warsaw, Leoncin, Biłgoraj
Admission: 30-80 zł
Tickets & Info: festiwalsingera.pl

[Source: culture.pl]