Music on the Heights of Zakopane

From September 3-10, 2016, the 8th edition of the “Music on the Heights” International Chamber Music Festival will take place in Zakopane. The theme of this year’s program is the concept of time, and will, therefore, encompass a vast range of works from different eras and the interpretations and adaptations of such pieces over time. For the first time ever during the Festival, early music will be presented alongside contemporary music, both in their original versions (as “Historically Informed Performances”) and as modern arrangements, as a metaphor for a ‘bridge of time.’

The concerts will be performed by Polish and foreign chamber musicians, including clarinetist Shirley Brill, pianist Jonathan Aner, soprano Olga Pasiecznik, and the Royal String Quartet. The program will feature many accompanying events, such as the open-air exhibition entitled “Spaces of culture – where music comes to life …” and an exhibition of paintings and ceramics by Beata Zalot entitled “Niedoskończoność.”

September 3-10, 2016
8th “Music on the Heights” International Chamber Music Festival

Various venues in Zakopane, Poland
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