Polish Music Council Research Project

Since 2014, the Polish Music Council has been leading research efforts to improving the social and political conditions for musicians in Poland. In 2015-2016, studies were co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the program Culture Observatory. Currently, their goals are to 1) show the dynamism and diversity of musical career paths in Poland, and 2) capture the internal structure of music professions through the investigation of socioeconomic impacts on the industry. The research consists of three modules: the analysis of data (provided by GUS, ZKP, STOART, IMiT, etc.), quantitative research (an anonymous online survey), and qualitative research (anonymous interviews with the chosen representatives of musical professions from the whole Poland). An accurate assessment of the current situation relating to the practice of musical activities in Poland is vital to their success.

As such, the Polish Music Council would like to invite all the representatives from communities of Polish music to participate in a research project called “The Dynamics of Musician’s Careers in the Area of the Entire Music Environment.” The comprehensive report from the research is going to be published at PRM website at the end of 2016. We invite you to fill out the questionnaire in support of their efforts at surveygizmo.com.

[Source: polmic.pl]