‘Muzyka Pod Liberatorem’: Mykietyn Edition

On September 29, after the summer break, the next free concert of this year’s “Muzyka pod Liberatorem” series was held in the Warsaw Uprising Museum, featuring Paweł Mykietyn’s music. The meeting was led by Barbara Schabowska.

Paweł Mykietyn is recognized as one of the most interesting composers of contemporary music. The concert program featured two of Mykietyn’s early orchestral pieces: Eine kleine Herbstmusik (1995) for chamber orchestra, commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn Festival and 3 for 13 for 13 instruments (1994)—the composer was awarded the first prize at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers in Paris for this piece. The music was performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra, conducted by Michał Klauza

Agata Kwiecińska wrote about this music in her article for Ruch Muzyczny:

3 for 13, the Piano Concerto, and Eine Kleine Herbstmusic—the pieces, very easy to listen to, referring to various styles, juggling conventions. These are musical riddles, constructed by the composer with thought of the listener, who can decode as much as his or her musical knowledge allows; the pieces are – using Umberto Eco’s terminology – a true “Interpretation Machine.” Under the layer of (at the first glance) spontaneous chain of musical associations, there is a precisely planned structure. 3 for 13 contains a fugue, and in the Piano Concerto a dodecaphonic series on which the whole piece is based. However, this layer is inaccessible for the listener; it is not important for the piece to reveal that. All rigors created in the pre-composition phase are supposed to help with a better organization of musical material, which creates a piece.

[Agata Kwiecińska, “W co gra Paweł Mykietyn,” Ruch Muzyczny nr 10, 2007]

The audience also heard Kartka z albumu for Cello and Tape, performed by Andrzej Bauer. The piece was composed in 2002 for Andrzej Bauer, considering his musical interest combining the sound of the cello with electronics.

“Muzyka pod Liberatorem” is a series of classical music concerts presenting works by composers tied to Warsaw. The Organizers of the concert series are: Warsaw Uprising Museum, Program 2 of Polish Radio and PWM, and one of the sponsors was TVP Kultura.

[Source: pwm.com.pl]