The Invisible Pianist – A Concert in Darkness

On September 30, in the Western-Kashubian Museum in Bytów, a concert entitled “The Invisible Pianist, a Concert in Darkness” was performed by pianist Barbara Drążkowska. It was the newest project of Drążkowska from the edge of music and performance art – a modification of a concert situation whereby the audience is in complete darkness and the pianist plays with night vision googles. This concert was a part of BytOFFsky Festival.

The experience of perceiving the music without one of our senses and sharpening the others is an inspiring concept for a musician. Through a resignation of the visionary impulse, the relationship between the performer and the audience enters a new level – sound is the only thing with which they can communicate, giving the possibility of an even more intense sound perception without even closing eyes. The pianist performed special repertoire for the event, including works by Paweł Mykietyn and Szymon Brzóska.